Beach Cruiser Bicycles
Beach Cruiser Bikes

Inspired by the sea and the sounds of island steal drums, the Forge Tonga Beach Cruiser blends classic style with modern features; the 6061 all aluminum beach style frame is light and strong for easy riding.


The Forge Sconset Beach cruiser model was designed with freedom and relaxation in mind. Inspired by the well-preserved beauty of the beach, this bike is designed with summer in mind. Summers are all about being free and relaxed, enjoying untouched natural beauty that is free to explore.


The Forge Coco is all about self-expression, a statement of style and fashion. Behind this highly fashionable bicycle is a well thought out design. Using Forge's Vertical Offset Design (VOD), this bike has a low center of gravity allowing the rider confidence and comfort.

Forge Mountain Bikes

Cruiser bikes are quickly rising in popularity, and Forge Bikes offers some of the best cruiser bikes to fit your style and budget.

Whether you are looking for sleek classic style as in our men's cruiser bicycles or a chic and stylish women's cruiser bike, you'll find what you’re looking for in our fashionable selection of comfort cruiser bikes.

Designed for riding around town, on country roads, or beachside our affordable, stylish, high performance bikes let you cruise in the comfort and style you deserve.